viable syntegration

Last updated April 10th, 2004

Denis Adams Rosemary Bechler, Harry Beer, Jenna Bishop, Steve Brewis, John Clarke, Wayne Conrad, Chris Cullen, Angela Espinosa, Nick Green, Roger Harnden, Brian Hilton, Patrick Hoverstadt, Mike Jackson, Allenna Leonard, Alfredo Moscardini, Annamaria Moscardini, Ian Perry, Ern Reynolds, Andrey Sergeyev, Leonie Solomons, Rod Thomas, Joe Truss, Stefan Wasilevski.

First Metaphorum Colloquium

Titles of Abstracts Received

  1. Angela Espinosa and Jon Walker- Democracy in the Knowledge Age, Some experiences on applied cybernetics in Columbia
  2. Leonie Solomons- Mapping Sri Lanka in VSM terms and diagnosing its devolution implications arising from fiscal equalisation
  3. Rod Thomas - Stafford Beer in memoriam-"An argument of change" three decades on
  4. Patrick Hoverstadt - National Decision Making in Nuclear Waste Management
  5. Ralf-Eckhard Tuerke - e-Goverance: An integrated framework to promote Governance
  6. Luc Hoebeke - The Identity Function (S5) and the Tension between Participation and Democracy
  7. Susan Jones: A Multi model Approach to Making the VSM More Accessible to Senior Managers
  8. Allenna Leonard - How can we rise to the challenges posed by the lag time between our momentum and our control?
  9. Nick Green - Metaphorum and World Government: Establishing the Design Rules
  10. Paul Stokes -From Government to the Management of Complexity - The Cybernetics of Governance
  11. John Clarke -The Eudemony Index: Toward a methodology for overcoming chronic vulnerability to HIV/AIDS pathology by strengthening "community immunity" by the amplification of resilience factors.

Prof Alfredo Moscardini writes:

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Thanks to all of you for confirming your attendance at Metaphorum's "Cybernetics of Government" Colloquium on the 30th April & 1st May 2004, at Sunderland University, UK.

This is Metaphorum's first event. We would like it to be different but in the spirit of Stafford. We are moving away from the normal process of paper presentations followed by one or two questions from the audience. We open each session with a very short intro by the authors ( 5-10 mins each ) followed by a debate/discussion on the cybernetic issues.

The agenda will be as follows:

Friday the 30th April
9:00-9:30 Registration of participants.
9:30-10:00 Opening session. Prof Alfredo Moscardini.
10:00-12:00 Session One:
Allenna Leonard, Ralf Tueke and Nick Green Allenna points out in her paper that there is a gap between momentum and control. Ralf explores the concept of e-Governance and Nick the use of the Web
12:00-13:30 Lunch.
13:30-16:30 Session Two:
PhD workshop
Leonie Solomons and Andrij Sergeyev Both Leonie and Andrij are writing up their PhDs and have problems that are of general interest. Leonie is how to produce a VSM of a whole country and Andrij is interested in answering the question "How did you validate your model?" It is hoped that the experienced Cyberneticists can help them.
19.00+ Dinner at the Tavistock Restaurant
Saturday the 1st May
10.00-12:00 Session Three:
Luc Hoebeke, Angela Espinoza and Paul Stokes Luc discusses the meaning of Identity, Angela is talking about Democracy in the Knowledge Age. Paul has a paper on the Cybernetics of Governance
12:00-13:00 Lunch.
13:00-15:00 Session Four:
Transnational Issues
John Clarke and Patrick Hoverstadt John's paper is on an Eudemony Index which is illustrated by his work on AIDS//HIV and Patrick's paper is on the problems of Nuclear Waste Disposal.
15:15-17:15 Session Five:
Steve Brewis, Susan Jones and Rod Thomas This session explores three different aspects of education. Susan looks at using multimedia to teach the VSM, Rod takes a cybernetic view of universities managers in the VSM. Steve looks at Management Structures
17:15-17:30 Plenary Session

Both your abstract(s) and paper(s) need to be submitted electronically to

Angela Espinosa and Allena Leonard

The papers discussed during the sessions will act as a peer review and then you can submit the final paper to a journal and/or have it published on Metaphorum's web site (

Participants who are not submitting a paper are also most welcome as they can play an important part in the discussions.

Those of you who have not yet booked their B&B, please contact Annammaria Moscardini ASAP, and she will help you with the needful.

Current List of Expected Participants

  1. Alfredo Moscardini* (UK)
  2. Allenna Leonard* (Canada)
  3. Andrey Servegy (Ukraine)
  4. Angela Espinosa* (Colombia)
  5. Annamaria Moscardini* (UK)
  6. Denis Adams* (UK)
  7. Jane Searles* ( Fujitsu, UK)
  8. John Clarke* (UN, South Africa)
  9. Jon Walker* (UK)
  10. Leonie Solomons* (Sri Lanka/Australia)
  11. Luc Hoebeck* (Belgium)
  12. Nick Green* (Real Time Study Group)
  13. Patrick Hoverstadt* (Fractal Ltd, UK )
  14. Paul Stokes* (Ireland)
  15. Ralf Eckhard ( AUT)
  16. Rod Thomas ( UK)
  17. Roger Harnden* (UK)
  18. Stefan Wasilewski* (UK)
  19. Steve Brewis* (BT, UK)
  20. Susan Jones* ( UK )
  21. Ralph Tuerke*
  22. Robin Asby*
  23. Rosemary Bechler*

* Denotes confirmed participant.