The Metaphorum Group
Overview and Introduction

viable syntegration

Last updated 2nd March 2004

Denis Adams Rosemary Bechler, Harry Beer, Jenna Bishop, Steve Brewis, John Clarke, Wayne Conrad, Chris Cullen, Angela Espinosa, Nick Green, Roger Harnden, Brian Hilton, Patrick Hoverstadt, Mike Jackson, Allenna Leonard, Alfredo Moscardini, Annamaria Moscardini, Ian Perry, Ern Reynolds, Andrey Sergeyev, Leonie Solomons, Rod Thomas, Joe Truss, Stefan Wasilevski.

Why we are here

Last year we met in Syntegration at University of Hull, Scarborough, to see how we could promulgate Stafford Beer's work.

There are many of us who believe that the scope and depth of his approach can guide us to create a better world.

Always from an ethical perspective Stafford articulated a model of control, autonomy and real-time accountability produced from an evolutionary model of human neurophysiology.

Any one of these achievements could only be a gleam in the eye of even the most talented system designer of today unless he too knew the Beer canon.

Stafford did it. He articulated "a" model- the Viable System- but most of us are convinced it is The Model. We challenge you to find a better. Where can it not be applied with advantage?

The principal components are the Viable System (first described in "Brain of the Firm") and Team Syntegrity (first described in "Beyond Dispute") and their combination. Joe Truss has called this ViaSystant. There is much to do!

Beer's cybernetics is rigorous in ways which expose the limitations of mathematics yet strengthens our use of models and their ethical application to the humanity of which we are all part. Work on the foundations of our discipline continues as new applications are developed.

Join with us on this epic quest to realise bountiful potential.

Moscardini on Metaphorum