Practical Applications through a developing Enterprise Toolbox

viable syntegration

Last updated 2nd March 2004

Ian Perry, Mike Jackson, Nick Green, Stefan Wasilevski.

Hoverstadt's Enterprise Toolbox

Patrick Hoverstadt of Fractal Consulting was a critic of the Toolbox Team and produced detailed recommendations. He asks for feedback.

Iteration One

We should create a developing enterprise toolbox of methods, embedding the VSM such that it can be plainly explained, shown practically and transferable, and thus promote SB’s work.

Iteration Two

We are creating a developing enterprise toolbox of methods. It embeds the VSM such that it can be plainly explained, shown practically, and be transferable. This will promote SB’s work.

The toolbox consists of:

  • The establishment of a set of rules, best practices and methodologies to ensure that the process of engagement must first have a definition of our ethical standards.
  • VSM and tools used within VSM e.g. Excel, Project Management, Real Time Reporting and Forecasting (Harrisons Stevens)
  • Methodologies: Socratic, SSM, Appreciative Inquiry, ViPlan Method, Cybernetic methodology
  • HR Tools e.g. Psychometrics, Job Description, Role Definition
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Empower (MetaPraxis)
  • Team Syntegrity
  • Capital Management Tools
  • Data Mining and Warehousing
  • Systems Dynamics
  • Conflict Analysis
  • ISO 9K, 2K
  • Process Mapping Tools
  • VSM Modeling Tools

(This list was developed using VSM)

How we relate to the Meta-Phorum will be explored re:

  • Accreditation, Accountability, (Graffiti Please!)

A model/method for developing new tools will also be considered.

Outcome Resolve

We are a primary activity of the “Metaphorum”.

We will set up and maintain a database of existing tools and methods in the “Enterprise Toolbox”, together with their applicability and those with expertise in the use of these tools.

In addition, we will list tools in develolpment and provide an opportunity space for people to request the development of new tools for specific purposes.

Hoverstadt's Toolbox